You can pay for your qualification in several ways.

The fees for each qualification are listed on the programme page for the study area you are interested in. The fee listed is a yearly cost. Fees can either be paid in one lump sum or if eligible via StudyLink. If you are not eligible for a Studylink loan, contact us to discuss what alternative payment arrangements might be available.

People take different lengths of time to complete their qualifications, this can determine how much your entire qualification will cost. Ask your facilitator for more information relating to your personal situation.
You might be eligible for Fees Free! 

Have you been thinking about undertaking tertiary study but the cost has always held you back?  

Eligible learners can study for free* in their first year at Capable NZ. 

You're eligible if you’re new to tertiary study or have not previously been enrolled in more than 60 credits at Level 3 or above on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (or in equivalent tertiary study overseas).  

If you are accepted to a Graduate Diploma or Master’s degree based on your work experience, you can still apply for Fees Free if it is your first year of tertiary study.  

The Government’s Fees Free policy covers one year’s full-time study up to $12,000 (or 120 credits) and has no age restrictions. Part-time study up to $12,000 (or 120 credits) is also covered.  

This applies to all Capable NZ programmes at Level 3 or above, including postgraduate qualifications. 

To check your eligibility and to find out what your National Student Number (NSN) is, visit www.feesfree.govt.nzIf you don’t have a National Student Number, we can create one for you. Contact us.  

*Conditions apply