Privacy (Personal Information) 

The Polytechnic collects and stores information about students to comply with various statutes and/or regulations, to enable us to make decisions regarding your academic progress, and to provide you with evidence of your academic achievements. This information may be also shared with other Otago Polytechnic schools/areas on a “need to know” basis, and is used to arrange appropriate support for students. After graduation your contact information is used for the graduate destination survey and provided to the Alumni office.  

Where it is relevant, personal information may be disclosed to other agencies such as, but not limited to: the Ministry of Education, Audit New Zealand, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Industry Training Organisations, industry licensing and registration bodies, other tertiary institutions and providers of work experience for students in courses with a practical component. Upon failure to comply with AP0710 International Student Attainment and Attendance policy, information may also be provided to the parent, guardian or caregiver of an International student. In addition, when required by law, we will release information as directed. An information matching agreement exists between the Ministry of Social Development and Otago Polytechnic, which allows payment of loans and allowances. We will provide information to Otago Polytechnic Students’ Association for its membership records.  

Students have the right to request to see and correct if necessary the information you have provided. If you wish to enquire about personal information held by Otago Polytechnicplease contact Customer Services. You will be required to provide some form of valid ID such as a drivers licence or passport if you wish to access your personal information.

September 2018.